Obsolete. Kompozer was abandoned on 2010 and causes many problems.
You may try a more recent software. Microsoft Expression Web could be an option (it is abandoned too but it is much more powerful than Kompozer and causes less problems)

Use Kompozer to create your posts for WordPress

Kompozer is a nice and free (wysiwyg) HTML editor.
We can create our posts with it rather than with Worpress’ web interface.

Why ?

Because WordPress’ visual post editor has several weaknesses:

  • It is slow.
    Much slower than a HTML editor as Kompozer.
  • Semantically, it is catastrophic.
    For example, you can not set a paragraph as a Title, with a defined hierarchy level.
    So when the indexers as Google, Bing or Yahoo try to analyse your post, they will have great difficulties to know where is a title, what is your text about, what is important or not, etc..
    So your post could obtain a bad rank and could stay unknown to your potential readers.
  • I personally had difficulties with the text formatting, which sometimes insert line breaks or line feeds when it thinks it’s necessary but I don’t think !
    I want to control my post, and I don’t want to reformat it by hand each time Worpress’ editor takes strange decisions.

How ?

Needed tools

We need:

  • The visual HTML text editor:
  • An advanced pure text editor:
    Notepad++, for example.


Since Worpress has some limitations (no CSS for example) and some bugs (we will see one of them), you have to do the things in the right order.


  1. Upload your images and other media to WordPress.
  2. Create a HTML page with Kompozer.
    Attention: do not use Styles (internal or external by CSS), unless you have a corresponding paid account on WordPress.
  3. In Kompozer, you can insert images, using the address of your media already uploaded to WordPress.
    Do not use your pictures directly from your hard-disk, as they would not appear later, on WordPress.
    You need to use the link of your media on WordPress (see in your media library page).
  4. In Kompozer, display the Source code tab.
  5. Copy the body of your text.
    That means you select all the text between <body ….> and </body>, and you copy it.
  6. Workaround a bug (*) of WordPress:
    1. Paste your text in an advanced text editor.
      We need an editor which can replace line feeds.
      I personally uses Notepad++.
    2. Replace each line feed by one space.
      In Notepad++, open the “Replace” dialog (Ctrl-H), select “Advanced mode (\n, \r….)“, then enter “\r\n” as the text to search and only one space (” “) as the replacement text, then click on “Replace all“.
    3. Copy the whole text.
  7. In WordPress, create a new post.
  8. Open the HTML tab (find it on the right of the page).
  9. Paste your text.
    Attention: never click on the Visual tab, as it would modify your text formatting !
  10. Save your post and preview it.
  11. When you are satisfied, publish it.

(*) The workaround is due to a bug in WordPress, which replaces all line feeds in the HTML source text by a real HTML line feed (
). It is a violation of the HTML rendering rules and causes a bad formatting of the post.


This method should allow you to work a more productive way, and ensure you manage the appearance (and the internals) of your posts.

It is not always so practical, in particular when you have to make small corrections in your text.
It would be so nice if WordPress’ visual editor is (much) more advanced. But for now I see no easy solution.
So.. enjoy this one.   🙂