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Programming in blue, a natural color theme for Notepad++

Get the files from the source code repository

Relax your eyes (and your brain) with natural colors

As explained in the Visual Studio natural color theme article, I chose white text on a blue background.
I think these colors are both relaxing and readable. Please read the original article for detailed explanations.

The procedure

In Notepad++, that is quite easy.

  1. Close all Notepad++ windows.

  2. Download the theme file from the GitHub repository.

  3. Copy this file to the Notepad++ local theme directory:

  4. Start Notepad++.

  5. Open menus SettingsStyle Configurator..

  6. Select theme:

  7. Button Save & Close

By default, this theme uses the Verdana font.
If you want to select another font, please do that:

  1. Open menus SettingsStyle Configurator..

  2. Select Style: Default style.

  3. Font style: select a font.

  4. Button Save & Close

Please help by completing the theme

I set up the color theme at least for my personal usage (mainly C#, XML, HTML and XAML). I did not check formats I do not use, such as C++, VB or F#.
Consequently, you may encounter wrong colors in some text formats.

The main reason is the color set of a theme is huge: about 1280 colors.

You can share your modifications by adding a pull request to the GitHub repository.

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